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Список публикаций, в которых авторы успешно использовали в работе наши мастермиксы и наборы:
The Panel of 12 Cell-Free MicroRNAs as Potential Biomarkers in Prostate Neoplasms (Diagnostics (Basel). 2020)

Human AlphoidtetO Artificial Chromosome as a Gene Therapy Vector for the Developing Hemophilia A Model in Mice (Cells. 2020)

Trimeric Small Interfering RNAs and Their Cholesterol-Containing Conjugates Exhibit Improved Accumulation in Tumors, but Dramatically Reduced Silencing Activity (Molecules. 2020)

Association between Lymph Node Status and Expression Levels of Androgen Receptor, miR-185, miR-205, and miR-21 in Breast Cancer Subtypes (Int J Breast Cancer. 2020)

Targeting Circulating SINEs and LINEs with DNase I Provides Metastases Inhibition in Experimental Tumor Models (Mol Ther Nucleic Acids. 2020)

Generation of an induced pluripotent stem cell line, ICGi014-A, by reprogramming peripheral blood mononuclear cells from a patient with homozygous D90A mutation in SOD1 causing Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Stem Cell Res.2020)

Increase in Sensitivity of HEK293FT Cells to Influenza Infection by CRISPR-Cas9-Mediated Knockout of IRF7 Transcription Factor (Russian Journal of Bioorganic Chemistry, 2020)

Systems of Delivery of CRISPR/Cas9 Ribonucleoprotein Complexes for Genome Editing (Russian Journal of Bioorganic Chemistry, 2020)

Changes in RNA secondary structure affect NS1 protein expression during early stage influenza virus infection (Virology Journal. 2019)

Molecular Mechanism of the Antiproliferative Activity of Short Immunostimulating dsRNA (Front. Oncol. 2019)

Stress-induced changes in the expression of antioxidant system genes for rice (Oryza sativa L.) and bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) (PeerJ. 2019)

Are Small Nucleolar RNAs “CRISPRable”? A Report on Box C/D Small Nucleolar RNA Editing in Human Cells (Front. Pharmacol. 2019) 

Generation of two spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) type I patient-derived induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) lines and two SMA type II patient-derived iPSC lines (Stem Cell Res.2019) 

Generation of two iPSC lines (ICGi008-A and ICGi008-B) from skin fibroblasts of a patient with early-onset Alzheimer's disease caused by London familial APP mutation (V717I) (Stem Cell Res.2019)

Determination of HLA alleles using single nucleotide polymorphism of RS3104413 HLA-DQA1 gene among patients with type 1 diabetes of the Republic Sakha (Yakutia) (Yakut Medical Journal. 2019)

Generation of two iPSC lines, (ICGi015-A and ICGi015-B), by reprogramming peripheral blood mononuclear cells from a patient with Parkinson's disease (Stem Cell Res.2019)

RNAi-mediated depletion of the NSL complex subunits leads to abnormal chromosome segregation and defective centrosome duplication in Drosophila mitosis (PLoS Genet. 2019)

Nucleic Acids Delivery Into the Cells Using Pro-Apoptotic Protein Lactaptin (Front. Pharmacol. 2019)

Deep insights into the response of human cervical carcinoma cells to a new cyano enone-bearing triterpenoid soloxolone methyl: a transcriptome analysis (Oncotarget, 2019)

Genetic evidence of broad spreading of Lymantria dispar in the West Siberian Plain (Plos One. 2019)

Phytohormone treatment induces generation of cryptic peptides with antimicrobial activity in the Moss Physcomitrella patens (BMC Plant Biol. 2019)

The role of Patronin in Drosophila mitosis (BMC Mol Cell Biol. 2019)

Intracellular Vesicle Trafficking Genes, RabC-GTP, Are Highly Expressed Under Salinity and Rapid Dehydration but Down-Regulated by Drought in Leaves of Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) (Front. Genet. 2019)

A toolset to study functions of Cytosolic non-specific dipeptidase 2 (CNDP2) using Drosophila as a model organism (BMC Genet. 2019) 

Optimized PCR conditions minimizing the formation of chimeric DNA molecules from MPRA plasmid libraries (BMC Genomics. 2019)

Analysis of Polymorphism rs1333049 (Located at 9P21.3) in the White Population of Western Siberia and Associations with Clinical and Biochemical Markers (Biomolecules. 2019)

Isolation, culturing and gene expression profiling of inner mass cells from stable and vulnerable carotid atherosclerotic plaques (Plos One. 2019)

Establishment of primary human breast cancer cell lines using "pulsed hypoxia" method and development of metastatic tumor model in immunodeficient mice (Cancer Cell Int. 2019)

Prokaryotic community shifts during soil formation on sands in the tundra zone (PLoS One 2019)

Parasitoid envenomation alters the Galleria mellonella midgut microbiota and immunity, thereby promoting fungal infection (Scientific Reports. 2019)

The General Transcription Repressor TaDr1 Is Co-expressed With TaVrn1 and TaFT1 in Bread Wheat Under Drought (Front. Genet. 2019)

Nucleotide Modifications Decrease Innate Immune Response Induced by Synthetic Analogs of snRNAs and snoRNAs (Genes (Basel). 2018)

Profiling of 179 miRNA Expression in Blood Plasma of Lung Cancer Patients and Cancer-Free Individuals (Scientific Reports. 2018)

Two sugar beet chitinase genes, BvSP2 and BvSE2, analysed with SNP Amplifluor-like markers, are highly expressed after Fusarium root rot inoculations and field susceptibility trial (PeerJ. 2018)

Characterization of primary normal and malignant breast cancer cell and their response to chemotherapy and immunostimulatory agents (BMC Cancer. 2018)

Compound phenotype in a girl with r(22), concomitant microdeletion 22q13.32-q13.33 and mosaic monosomy 22 (Mol Cytogenet. 2018)

Description of a new species Gyraulus (Pulmonata: Planorbidae) from the land thermal spring Khakusy of Lake Baikal (Zookeys. 2018)

A Case of Maturity Onset Diabetes of the Young (MODY3) in a Family with a Novel HNF1A Gene Mutation in Five Generations (Diabetes Ther. 2018) https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29222740

Polymorphism of the GLIS3 gene in a Caucasian population and among individuals with carbohydrate metabolism disorders in Russia (BMC Res Notes. 2018)
Экспрессия молекулярных маркеров в ткани рака предстательной железы, связь с клинико-морфологическими особенностями заболевания / Molecular markers expression in prostate cancers association with clinical and morphological features of disease (Мед. генетика 2018, № 3)
Тканеспецифичные эффекты бензапирена и ДДТ на профиль экспрессии микроРНК у самок крыс / Tissue-specific effects of benzopyrene and DTT on microRNA expression profile in female rats (Вавиловский журнал генетики и селекции, 2018 № 22)
Comparison of tolerance to sunlight between spatially distant and genetically different strains of Lymantria dispar nucleopolyhedrovirus (PLoS One. 2017)
Genome-wide profiling and differential expression of microRNA in rat pluripotent stem cells (Sci Rep. 2017)
Транскрипционный фактор BRN-3α и рак предстательной железы, связь с особенностями гормональной рецепции и с уровнем активации AKT/M-TOR сигнального пути / Transcription factor BRN-3α and prostate cancer, relation with hormone receptors and AKT/M-TOR signaling pathway activation (Сибирский онкологический Журнал / Siberian journal of oncology. 2018 № 17)

The activity of phenoloxidase in haemolymph plasma is not a predictor of Lymantria dispar resistance to its baculovirus (PLoS One. 2017)
Alteration of the exDNA profile in blood serum of LLC-bearing mice under the decrease of tumour invasion potential by bovine pancreatic DNase I treatment (PLoS One. 2017)
Спонтанная хромосомная нестабильность в клетках с кольцевой хромосомой как основа хромосомной терапии / Spontaneous chromosomal instability in cells with a ring chromosome as the basis for chromosomal therapy (Мед. генетика 2017, № 12)
Effect of Targeted Therapy With Pazopanib on Expression Levels of Transcription, Growth Factors and Components of AKT/m-TOR Signaling Pathway in Patients with Renal Cell Carcinoma (Asian Pac J Cancer Prev. 2017)
Functional dissection of Drosophila melanogaster SUUR protein influence on H3K27me3 profile (Epigenetics Chromatin. 2017)
Chromosome Evolution in the Free-Living Flatworms: First Evidence of Intrachromosomal Rearrangements in Karyotype Evolution of Macrostomum lignano (Platyhelminthes, Macrostomida) (Genes (Basel). 2017)
A pilot replication study of two PER3 single nucleotide polymorphisms as potential genetic markers for morning and evening earlinesslateness (Biological Rhythm Research, 2017)
Исследование водорослево-грибных сообществ в районе Лиственничного залива и острова Большой Ушканий озера Байкал / The study of algal-fungal communities in Listvennichnyi Bay and Bol’shoi Ushkanii Island of Lake Baikal (Актуальные проблемы науки Прибайкалья, №2, 2017).
Plasma miR-19b and miR-183 as Potential Biomarkers of Lung Cancer (PLoS One. 2016)
Artificial Analogues of Circulating Box C/D RNAs Induce Strong Innate Immune Response and  MicroRNA Activation in Human Adenocarcinoma Cells (Adv Exp Med Biol. 2016)
Accurate measurement of poleward microtubule flux in the spindle of Drosophila S2 cells  (Cell Biol Int. 2016)
Sensitivity of endometrial cancer cells from primary human tumor samples to new potential anticancer peptide lactaptin (J Cancer Res Ther. 2015)
Lactaptin Induces p53-Independent Cell Death Associated with Features of Apoptosis and Autophagy and Delays Growth of Breast Cancer Cells in Mouse Xenografts (PLoS One. 2014)