SARS-CoV-2 (2019-nCoV) virus detection system (del69-70)

Basic description

The kit is designed for isolation and purification of RNA from swabs, viruses.
The method of RNA isolation is based on the selective binding of nucleic acids from a
lysed sample on a magnetic particles formed with iron oxide and silica, followed with
washing and the elution of the purified RNA. The integrity of RNA is preserved in the
process of isolation.

It is possible to extract RNA both manually by using a magnetic stand and
automatically by using the automatic nucleic acid purification system Auto-Pure96
(Allsheng) and KingFisherFlex (ThermoScientific).
Attention! Isolated RNA contains admixture DNA. DNAse treatment is required when
using RNA in applications sensitive to the presence of DNA, for example, PCR.

Areas of use

  • Isolation of RNA, DNA and Proteins

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