Working conditions

Delivery of products in Russia is carried out by the Novosibirsk Express company within 1-4 days.
When ordering over 15,000 rubles. delivery is free. When ordering less than 15,000 rubles, delivery will be added to the amount of products. The calculation can be viewed on the website of the Novosibirsk-Express company www.novosibexpress.ru/calculator/

Delivery of an order to the European part of Russia is possible through:
LLC "Alamed" www.alamed.ru
LLC "Company Helikon" www.helicon.ru
Okabiolab LLC www.okabiolab.ru
In this case, the price for products is formed by distributors. Delivery to the CIS countries by courier, and the cost of delivery is calculated depending on the weight and temperature conditions of transportation. The calculation can be viewed on the website of the Novosibirsk Express company. Delivery takes place through the Moscow office of the courier service and on average takes 5-7 days.
Delivery within Akademgorodok, Berdsk, Koltsovo every day.
Delivery to other areas of Novosibirsk on Friday morning. Delivery of the Maxlife fluorometer with sets is calculated depending on the delivery distance and the weight of the parcel on the Novosibirsk Express website.

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