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Biosan-Biolabmix office building

Biolabmix releases reagents and ready-to-use solutions for scientific studies in molecular biology and related fields since it appeared in the life science market in 2010. The company disposes of a modern production complex in Novosibirsk Academic Campus including segregated laboratory zones for synthesis, isolation, testing and research work with modern equipment from world best manufacturers.

Our portfolio provides a wide range of production for research technologies such as PCR, nucleic acid isolation and analysis, sequencing, gene expression and other genomic studies. We offer both single components to support your individual experiment design and turn-key kits for standard protocols.

In line with our mission to ensure efficient and comfortable working conditions to scientists across the globe we realize the principle "science-personnel-production” providing excellent product quality as a result of rigorous testing and superior technical support through all the way from manufacturer to customer. The quality of our production complies with international standards and was confirmed by ISO certificates ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016.

Biosan-Biolabmix production site

We promptly update and expand our product range following the latest trends in the life science research and reagents market. Our recent hit is mRNA synthesis kit. It was released in response to active exploration and implementation of an mRNA molecule in the treatment of oncological, viral, and hereditary diseases and vaccination. The platform we use combines classic reagents for in vitro transcription with modified nucleotides, like pseudouridine.

Biolabmix has years of successful experience in the international distribution of their production, including supplies to universities and research centers in the UK, Germany, Sweden, Italy, USA, Czech Republic, Estonia, Malaysia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Poland. We currently look forward to new partnership with distributors and customers worldwide (phone/e-mail)

Map of successful contracts

Our key product lines:

  • PCR, RT and RT-PCR reagents and mixtures;
  • RNA and DNA isolation kits;
  • DNA and protein ladders for electrophoresis;
  • Enzymes for genomic editing and amplification;
  • Genomic screening tools;
  • Reagents for mRNA synthesis;

We also offer collaboration in joint R&D and product commercialization as well as in contract manufacturing.
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