Offer to distributors

Our company already has a practice of executing international contracts. We have successfully completed orders for the supply of reagents to the UK, Germany, Sweden, Italy, USA, Czech Republic, Estonia, Iran, Pakistan, Malaysia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Poland and etc.

There are partners abroad in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Armenia.

We offer the distributor comprehensive support. We are ready to provide methodological materials, product consultations, product samples, handouts, souvenirs, catalogs.

Biolabmix - Biosan company group supports partners not only with the price, but also with the service - packaging, marketing support.

We provide expert support - our representative can take part in webinars, master classes, forums, conferences, etc.

How to become a distributor?

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Contract manufacturing, OEM

Biolabmix - Biosan company group manufactures the best reagents in its field. We have a team of highly skilled biochemists, and our production facilities are furnished with the modern equipment.

Our company offers opportunities for contract manufacturing. There are several options, that you may discuss with our sales manager.
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