Version 03. Effective from 01/26/2022

The group of companies Biosan LLC and Biolabmix LLC are widely known in the Russian market of biochemical reagents and occupy a leading position in the production of nucleoside-5′-triphosphates.

Our specialists follow the latest achievements in the development of reagents for research in the field molecular biology, PCR analysis and immunobiology.

We offer our customers modern solutions that most fully meet the stringent requirements of the reagent market in general, and each specific client in particular.

The main activities of the group of companies "Biosan" LLC and "Biolabmix" LLC in the field of quality are as follows:

Consumer oriented

  • Produce reagents and diagnostic products, consumer properties, the quality and price of which meet the requirements and expectations of Consumers, including Government customers, owners, society as a whole;
  • ensure the possibility of high-quality use of reagents and diagnostic products by Consumers (training, seminars and field consultations, provision of information and control materials);
  • strengthen the image of the organization by improving the reliability and safety of products.
Executive Leadership

  • Define goals and organize employees into teams capable of achieving goals;
  • create and maintain a friendly atmosphere in the organization, improve corporate culture to ensure job satisfaction;
  • provide personnel with the necessary resources, knowledge, skills, rights and authority to perform their work;
  • stimulate and encourage the contribution of each employee to the activities of the organization.
Employee Engagement

  • To take care of the continuous growth of the professionalism of employees;
  • Constantly improve the quality of life of the organization's employees and their families.
Continuous improvement

  • Constantly improve the quality of our products;
  • Improve the quality management system in accordance with the requirements of the international standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016 and the legislative requirements of the Russian Federation.
Mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers

  • Ensure building mutually beneficial and long-term relationships with suppliers of materials and components.
The management of the group of companies "Biosan" LLC and "Biolabmix" LLC undertakes to follow the declared Quality Policy, constantly improve the effectiveness of the quality management system and encourages all personnel to do so.
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