DNA extraction from blood

DNA extraction from blood is the extraction of DNA from a blood sample to produce a DNA-containing eluate suitable for a variety of applications.

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Blood is one of the most common sources of DNA and is of great importance in genetic research, diagnosis of hereditary diseases, forensic medicine and other scientific and medical fields. DNA isolation from blood allows for genetic analysis, genetic mutation detection, risk assessment of hereditary diseases and forensic analysis.

One of the effective methods of DNA extraction from blood is based on the use of magnetic particle kits. These kits contain special magnetic particles that are able to bind DNA and hold it when magnetized.

How do I isolate DNA from blood?

We recommend using the MagBlood kit to isolate DNA from blood. The process of DNA extraction using the magnetic particle kit includes the following steps:

  1. Sample lysis.
  2. Sorption of the sample onto the magnetic particles.
  3. Washing of the magnetic particles.
  4. Elution of the DNA.
  5. Analysis of the extracted DNA.

For sample lysis, it is important to avoid stratification of the sample into plasma and cell fraction, the tube with whole blood should be gently stirred. The blood sample should be introduced into the microtube and lysis buffer added, mixed and incubated.

Next, add the column buffer to the lysate, mix, add the magnetic particle suspension, mix again, and incubate on a magnetic rack. After that, collect the supernatant without touching the magnetic particles and wash the magnetic particles with specially prepared buffers WB1 and WB2 in the same way, mixing, incubating and collecting the supernatant. This should be followed by drying the tubes with magnetic particles until they are completely dry - until the isopropanol odor is eliminated.

In the final step of DNA extraction, add elution buffer to the tube with magnetic particles, mix to a homogeneous suspension and incubate. Next, place the tube on a magnetic rack and continue incubation, after which, without touching the magnetic particles, collect the supernatant containing DNA and transfer it to a clean tube.

This eluate can then be analyzed for the integrity of the isolated DNA by gel electrophoresis. The DNA extracted with the MagBlood kit can be used for PCR and other applications.

DNA extraction from blood using the magnetic particle kit has several advantages.

This method provides highly purified DNA in high yields. DNA extraction on magnetic particles also ensures high DNA purity and minimizes the possibility of sample contamination.

The process of DNA isolation on magnetic particles is relatively fast and simple, so many laboratories and research institutions prefer to isolate DNA from blood on magnetic particles.

The method can be scaled up to process large numbers of samples.

The use of magnetic particles to bind and hold DNA protects it from degradation and loss during the extraction process.

DNA extraction from blood
DNA extraction from blood

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