DNA extraction kit

DNA extraction kits have revolutionized the work of molecular biologists by making DNA extraction simple and affordable, efficient and reproducible for different types of laboratories.

DNA extraction kits

DNA extraction kits contain all the necessary components - reagents, buffers, columns, magnetic particles, and instructions for efficient DNA extraction.

There are many DNA extraction kits that can be used for different types of samples. For example, kits containing magnetic particles or spin columns can be used to isolate DNA from blood. For DNA extraction from tissues and cells, kits with different lysis methods can be used to maximize DNA yield.

In addition, some DNA extraction kits can be used for specific applications such as DNA extraction from formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) blocks and so on.

Choosing the right DNA extraction kit is critical to ensure quality results and high DNA yields.

We manufacture DNA extraction kits from the following sources:

  • DNA isolation kit for DNA isolation from cells
  • Tissue DNA extraction kit
  • DNA extraction kit for blood
  • DNA extraction kit for DNA extraction from animal and bacterial cells
  • DNA extraction kit for DNA extraction from swabs and scrapings
  • Kit for DNA extraction from plants
  • Genomic DNA extraction kit
  • Kit for DNA extraction from reaction mixtures
  • Agarose gel DNA extraction kit
  • Fast Lysis Buffer DNA Extraction Kit
  • Kit for plasmid DNA extraction from bacterial cells

Typical composition of a DNA extraction kit:

  1. Lysis buffer that disrupts cell and nuclear membranes.
  2. Salts and solutions to adjust pH and create better conditions for DNA precipitation.
  3. Components for DNA binding and precipitation, such as membranes or magnetic particles.
  4. Wash buffers. These solutions are used to remove impurities and contaminants that may interfere with further experiments or affect the accuracy of DNA analysis.
  5. Elution buffer. This solution helps release the purified DNA from the binding matrix, making it ready for further experiments.

Typical kits include DU Series Kits for the isolation of genomic DNA from cells, tissues, and blood, the DR Series Kit for the isolation of DNA and RNA from reaction mixtures, and the PN-100 Co-precipitation DNA/RNA Elution Kit. The MagBlood magnetic particle blood DNA extraction kit is suitable for DNA extraction at automated stations.

Our specialized DNA extraction kits contain Proteinase K for protein cleavage and subsequent removal. This facilitates DNA isolation and increases the yield of purer DNA.

The smart line of DNA isolation kits includes the following kits:

D-cells kit for DNA isolation from animal and bacterial cells.

D-Blood kit for DNA isolation from blood - from whole blood in disposable tubes, from blood plasma, from serum, from cryoprecipitate, from leukocyte mass, from liquor.

D-Tissues kit for DNA isolation from animal tissues.

D-Swabs kit for DNA isolation from swabs and scrapings of epithelial cells, saliva.

Fast Lysis Buffer kit for rapid DNA extraction.

N-Gel kit for DNA and RNA extraction from agarose gel.

D-FFPE kit for DNA isolation from FFPE tissue samples.

We also have kits for isolation and purification of plasmid DNA from E. coli bacterial cell cultures. The protocol consists of two main steps: alkaline lysis of bacterial cells followed by sorption of plasmid DNA on a centrifuge column, washing and elution of the purified product.

With standardized protocols and ease of use, DNA isolation kits have enabled laboratories around the world to efficiently and reproducibly obtain high-quality DNA samples.

As technology advances, DNA isolation kits are expected to play a key role in future genetic research, medical breakthroughs, and forensic investigations, furthering the understanding of the genetic code.

You can order DNA extraction kits in our catalog:

DNA extraction kits
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