DNA in agarose gel

DNA in agarose gel is analyzed by gel electrophoresis. It helps to visualize DNA fragments of different sizes.

DNA in agarose gel - order an N-Gel kit

Before analyzing DNA in agarose gel, it is necessary to prepare the gel itself.

  1. Agarose is dissolved in buffer and heated until it is completely dissolved.
  2. The gel tray, which defines the shape of the gel, is filled with the agarose solution.
  3. After the agarose solution is poured into the gel tray, it is cooled to a solid state, i.e. polymerized.

The process of agarose gel electrophoresis is based on the use of an electric field that causes charged DNA fragments to move in the agarose gel.

The DNA fragments to be analyzed are prepared by denaturing them and adding special markers to determine the size of the fragments. The DNA sample is then loaded into holes made in the agarose gel and placed in a buffer. When an electric field is applied, the DNA sample begins to move in the agarose gel.

After electrophoresis is completed, the gel is stained with special dyes that allow the separated DNA fragments to be visualized.

Before starting to isolate the DNA that is in the agarose gel, a sample containing the DNA fragment must be prepared. After electrophoresis is performed and visualized in a UV transilluminator, we see bands representing DNA fragments of different lengths.

To isolate DNA from an agarose gel, use the N-Gel kit. This is a convenient column-based kit that allows you to isolate both DNA and RNA from a gel with up to 3% agarose content.

It is most convenient because it contains both DNA buffer and RNA buffer. The agarose dissolution buffer contains a pH indicator, the color of which will show how optimal the conditions are for applying the sample to the column after the gel is dissolved. If the pH is not optimal, the kit provides a solution to correct the pH.

The kit also has the advantage of being fast. The whole protocol takes about 20 minutes, of which manual labor takes about 5 minutes.

DNA in agarose gel
DNA in agarose gel on the screen

DNA in agarose gel - order N-Gel kit
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