Gel extraction kit (DNA)

DNA gel extraction is the process of extracting a DNA fragment from an agarose gel. It is much easier to use a gel extraction kit - a set of reagents and supplies, used to purify DNA fragments from an agarose gel following gel electrophoresis.

Gel extraction kit N-gel - DNA extraction from gel

DNA extraction from a gel follows several key steps.

Before starting DNA extraction from agarose gel, it is necessary to prepare a sample containing the DNA fragment of interest. This fragment can be obtained by DNA restriction or as a result of PCR amplification.

After electrophoresis and visualization in a UV transilluminator, bands representing DNA fragments of different lengths will be visible.

We recommend using the N-Gel kit to isolate DNA from the gel.

The N-Gel kit is designed for isolation and purification of DNA and RNA from excised agarose gel fragments with a mass up to 200 mg and agarose content up to 3%.

The operating principle of the kit is based on selective sorption of DNA and RNA from a pre-dissolved sample on a silica membrane, subsequent washing and elution of the purified product.

How to isolate DNA from the gel?

Using a clean scalpel, cut out the gel fragment corresponding to the DNA or RNA fragment of interest without affecting other fragments. The excised fragment should be weighed - the mass of the fragment will be important for calculating the proportion of buffers to be added.

Our kit involves incubation, applying the sample to the column, centrifugation with isopropanol, and washing the column with specially prepared buffers.

DNA elution is accomplished by incubating the resulting DNA in either EBD (Elution buffer for DNA) or TE buffer.

The final product of nucleic acid extraction from the gel is an eluate containing DNA or RNA. The N-Gel kit allows the extraction of DNA or RNA from a sample applied to a gel. The eluate containing DNA or RNA must be stored at -20 °C.

The isolation of DNA from the gel is necessary for further analysis. DNA isolated by the N-Gel kit can be used for PCR, sequencing, and genetic engineering.

DNA extraction from the gel

DNA extraction from gel - order N-Gel kit
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