Plant DNA kit

D-Plants kit for plant DNA extraction provides a high yield of biomaterial in a relatively short time. The kit has a universal protocol for working with a basic list of samples:

  • Leaves, needles, stamens, green plant parts
  • Roots, stems, bark
  • Fruits, berries, seeds
  • Mosses, lichens
  • Unicellular algae
Plant DNA - D-Plants kit

The D-Plants plant DNA extraction kit is an innovative product that enables rapid and high quality DNA extraction from a wide range of plant samples. Thanks to a specially developed technology, this kit provides maximum purity and high concentration of DNA suitable for a variety of research applications.

The extracted DNA can be used for PCR, nick-translation, sequencing and more.

The procedure for isolating DNA from plant samples can be complex and time-consuming. However, the D-Plants kit makes the process much easier and faster. The kit includes all the necessary reagents, allowing DNA isolation without the need for additional equipment or special conditions. No phenol or chloroform is required.

The D-Plants kit includes all the necessary reagents, spin columns, disposable pestles for grinding samples in tubes*, and a detailed manual for using the kit.

*- Pestles are included in D-Plants-10p/50p/250p kits.

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The working principle of the kit is based on selective sorption of nucleic acids from a pre-lysed sample on a silica membrane, subsequent washing and elution of the purified product.

Kit composition:

Lysis buffer LB, Buffer for application on column BB, Wash buffer WB, Elution buffer EB, RNase A, solution, Tubes for filtrate collection and columns for sample sorption.

D-Plants-10p/50p/250p plant DNA isolation kits include disposable pestles for grinding samples.

For more information on the kit and DNA extraction protocol, see the kit instructions in the catalog.

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