Real-time PCR

Real-time PCR allows scientists to monitor the amplification of DNA in real-time, providing accurate and quantitative measurements of the amount of DNA present in a sample.

Kits for Real-Time PCR with fluorescent probes

Kits for Real-Time PCR with SYBR Green I

One of the key advantages of real-time PCR is its ability to provide quantitative results. Traditional PCR only allows for the measurement of DNA amplification at the end of the reaction, while real-time PCR continuously monitors the amplification process as it occurs. This allows for the precise quantification of DNA, making it ideal for applications such as gene expression analysis and viral load monitoring. Real-time PCR can also detect the presence of specific DNA sequences with high sensitivity, making it an invaluable tool for identifying genetic mutations and pathogens in clinical samples.

Real-time PCR exhibits exceptional sensitivity, enabling the detection and quantification of target nucleic acid sequences in minute quantities. It can reliably amplify and measure very low concentrations of target DNA, even in complex biological samples. This sensitivity makes it a powerful tool for detecting pathogens, low-abundance genes, and rare genetic variants.

Multiplexing Capabilities
Real-time PCR offers the ability to simultaneously amplify and detect multiple targets in a single reaction. This feature, known as multiplexing, allows for the simultaneous detection of different pathogens, genetic markers, or gene expression profiles. Multiplexing can significantly increase the efficiency and throughput of molecular diagnostic assays, as well as provide valuable insights into cellular processes. This multiplexing capability allows scientists to study multiple genes or pathogens in a single reaction, saving time and resources.

Relevance of real-time PCR
The ongoing development of real-time PCR technology, including the introduction of new fluorescent chemistries and improved instruments, ensures that it will remain a fundamental technique in scientific research for the foreseeable future. Its ability to provide rapid and quantitative results, along with its multiplexing capabilities, makes real-time PCR a highly valuable tool for a wide range of applications in molecular biology and diagnostics.

Furthermore, real-time PCR is a rapid and efficient technique, with results often available within a few hours. This speed, combined with its sensitivity and accuracy, makes real-time PCR an attractive option for clinical diagnostics. It is commonly used for the detection of infectious diseases as well as for monitoring treatment response and disease progression. Real-time PCR has also been instrumental in the development of personalized medicine, allowing for the precise diagnosis and monitoring of genetic disorders and cancer.

Real-Time PCR with fluorescent probes
The master mixes are optimized for efficient and reproducible real-time hot-start PCR with genomic, plasmid and viral DNA samples.

BioMaster kits for real-time PCR are designed for quantitative PCR with fluorescently labeled probes. The kits contain 2× reaction mix (HS-Taq DNA polymerase, dNTP mix, 2× PCR buffer, Mg2+) and sterile water (excluding DNA matrix, primers and probe). You can order primer and probe synthesis by sending your list of nucleotide sequences to our sales department.

Kits for Real-Time PCR with fluorescent probes

Real-Time PCR with SYBR Green I
BioMaster kits contain 2× reaction mixture and sterile water. The 2× reaction mixture is designed for real-time quantitative PCR using SYBR Green I fluorescent dye.

The mastermix (2×) contains all necessary PCR components (excluding DNA matrix and primers): HS Taq DNA polymerase, dNTP mix, PCR buffer, Mg2+, SYBR Green I. The inert dye in the kits colors the mixtures blue, which makes it easier to control digging when using multi-well plates.

We also have mixtures that support normalization of ROX fluorescent dye data and mixtures containing uracil-DNA glycosylase and dUTP, which are used to protect against cross-contamination by non-specific DNA.

Kits for Real-Time PCR with SYBR Green I
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